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Hello, my name is Nathan Cort and I’d like to welcome you to my website and blog. I am a music educator, conductor, singer, composer, and lifelong student.

My goal as a teacher is to build a musical environment that will give students the opportunities to explore many aspects of music; and for my students to grow individually and corporately as musicians and human beings.

I am a graduate of Michigan State University, receiving a Bachelor of Music in Music Education. While studying music education philosophy and methods, I further built on my knowledge of choral literature and conducting. I also took an interest in developing musical understanding beyond performance, including composition. While at State I also took voice, composition, and piano lessons.

Singing from an early age, I have developed my tenor voice with the great help of my voice teachers at MSU, which include Rod Nelman and Margaret Brand. As a soloist, I enjoy singing a wide variety of repertoire including tenor leggiero arias, Mozart arias, German Lied, and oratorio. I have also studied American works, including Carlisle Floyd’s Of Mice and Men.

I also enjoy composing. Being a singer, most of my compositions have focused on choral and solo voice pieces, but I have also enjoyed composing for instruments, which I have written a brass quintet, arranged for string quartet, woodwind ensemble, and brass quintet. I enjoy composition because it is an outlet for my creativity, and allows me to become a more well rounded musician.

Besides music my interests include books, computers, movies, and video games.

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